Did Sam Kinison Speak With Angels?

It was about 8:30 P.M. Friday night on April 10, 1992, when comedian Sam Kinison was killed in a head on collision with a pickup truck. Kinison had just been married a week before and was travelling from Los Angeles with his newlywed wife, Malika, to a sold out performance in Laughlin, Nevada.

Kinison was completely sober, and drug free at that point in his life, but the teenagers barreling down the wrong side of the highway that night were smashed out of their minds.

Sam had seen the truck coming, and slowed his Trans Am down to just 15 miles per hour, but he wasnt wearing his seat belt. At impact he was thrown into the windshield, and suffered multiple traumatic injuries.

In the first moments after impact Kinison seemed as if he were going to make it, but within minutes he appeared to know he was about to die.

Witnesses stated that Kinison appeared to be holding a conversation in which he stated, “I dont want to die. I dont want to die.”

As the conversation continued Sam said, “But why?”

And finally, Kinison stated, “Okay, Okay, Okay”.

The last “Okay” was stated in a very gentle and loving manner, as if he were talking with someone he knew, and loved.

Efforts to resuscitate him failed. He was just 38 years old.

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Followers Say Jim Jones Directed Voting Frauds – Busloads of Voters – Article – NYTimes.com

December 16, 1975.  San Francisco.

Former temple members state that the Rev. Jim Jones orchestrated a campaign of illegal practices in voting to elect politicians that were People’s Temple friendly.  These fraudulent practices included brining in busloads of voters not eligible to vote in the 1975 San Francisco municipal elections.

See this source article in the New York Times for more information Followers Say Jim Jones Directed Voting Frauds – Busloads of Voters – Article – NYTimes.com.

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